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Donate your Unwanted PC or Laptop and Make a Difference in a Kids PC gaming experience alive.....!!!!


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PostSubject: Welcome New Members!!!   Welcome New Members!!! Icon_minitimeWed Feb 07, 2018 12:21 pm

Thanks you for joining Michigan Kids PC Gamer forums, My name is EZ and I am a gamer at Heart, I remember as a Kid my Mom bought Me my first gaming box...it had two controllers and both pads had just numbers on them with plastic slides inserts to tell me which buttons I should be pressing, I thought to Myself...."WoW" this is cool !!! She bought me more games but back in those days they were very limited...I remember going to the mall and seeing all the latest Craze in New game rigs....Then as the years went by more and More flooded the Market...PC where very expensive only schools could afford them, My first experience with a PC was with an Old Apple series, I cant tell you the model its been soooooo long, All I remember was you had to hook up the phone to connect to the internet....man kids don't know the struggle..lol...lol... Then Apple came out with some really cool looking PC with colors and AOL was born....Then came Yahoo and open the web wide open....PC games were getting better and better and PC's were getting faster and faster....I really did not get into PC gaming until my late 20's....I preferred playing Playstation Games, Xbox and Sega games....and One day I saw an Old School PC gamer online play on his personal Computer with keyboard and mouse, and saw how challenging it was and the graphics were cool...I thought to myself...."Man I want a PC".  So I ordered my first PC through tiger direct and New egg and build my first computer....It was a full tower pc, Cool Master Blaster 830 ATX, My Mother board was from ASUS it was a gaming one cannot remember the exact type but I know it supported Intel processor...then got 500 mg memory cards, and a 250 mg video cards and a Rapture Hard drive my rig was awesome it was valued around 2k and I build it for way less, I was proud of myself, It was hard but I did the research and with a little help from a local PC store... I was hooked....today's rigs are even more complex but easier to build, back in the day you had too lay your pc down and start putting in all your parts....my tower was sweet, I only had to pull it out from the rear. As I got older....I stopped building and focused on family, friends, and work.....Now I find myself with more and more time to myself and I need a hobby....my kids are all grown up and I have grandchildren now, they seem to be fascinated in games but on their phones and tablets...I am currently building a New PC for my daughter and I am looking for another Older pc to refurbish for my Newphew...he loves video games, but when he saw how cool my pc build is going....he begs me to make him one and in the process he is learning about mother boards and video cards and Hardrives...get them interested in things when they are young and there will hopefully be a future for PC's again. I am in no means an expert in PC's, but I love them and would like to share the experience to the next generation and In hopes that the future of gaming PC stay alive and thrive. Your donation will give an old pc or laptop and new lease in life....the old saying is ....Someone else's junk is someone else's treasure.

Thank you for joining and in the next topic I will explain what happens to your donations.
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Welcome New Members!!!
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